A Tree Grows in the Blackstone School

Last November the Friends of Blackstone School collaborated with the Boston Center for the Arts on a two-day, hands-on art project with the fourth grade students in Erin Rua’s class.   Students combined a visit to the BCA’s Mills Gallery with hands-on production in their classroom.  At the gallery they learned about the ancient art of encaustic wax processes in the making of contemporary paintings and sculpture.   Back in the classroom, made into a studio for the day, each of the 16 children immersed ground crayon and colored paper in melted bee’s wax to create a unique leaf that formed part of a five-foot, all-class friendship tree.  Josue, one of the appreciative students commented that he “had never done anything like this before.”

The fully-leafed tree, with its personally inspired individual leaves, will be on display this spring in the large window above the main entrance to the Blackstone School located on the corner of Washington St. and Shawmut Ave.