We are Grateful for the Blackstone Innovation School!

As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, we’re reminded how grateful we are for the Blackstone Innovation School community. The image below, created by a third grade student, beautifully captures the power of Blackstone’s approach to building an inclusive community that supports the development of the whole child.

Blackstone Student Apple

Critical to the strength of the Blackstone Innovation School is its caring community of teachers and staff. This year we’re especially grateful for the amazing and enduring teachers, staff and administrators who nurture the Blackstone’s students every day.

The school experienced a lot of disruptive change in a short period of time during the three-year turnaround period (2010-2013), so the Executive Leadership Team’s (ELT) strategy for the past three years under the leadership of Principal Danielle Morrissey has been consistency and a focus on going deeper. The school has maintained a stable four-member Executive Leadership Team, consistent operational practices and protocols, consistent high expectations for students and staff, and the same three strategic priorities for the past three years.

Like any large school, the Blackstone does have some staff leave or transition to new roles every year, but we have strengthened our hiring process and induction supports (such as site-based mentoring, PD targeted just to new teachers, and new staff breakfasts) to help our new-to-the-school teachers quickly rise to the expectations of a fast-paced, high-functioning school. As a result, even when we experience staff changes, the school’s professional culture remains strong and positive because the ELT, ILT, and Governing Board are open and explicit about how our shared mission and core values shape what we do as a school and how we do it.