The Blackstone School has had a successful history of utilizing volunteers to support its mission and community. Many community partners already have established programs at the school and in after-school programs. Friends of Blackstone School is committed to further enhancing volunteer opportunities. The school has many areas that volunteers can get involved with and offers a wide variety of choices to accommodate diverse schedules and time constraints. For example, we very much need people who can sign up to be available for seasonal or yearly special events, in and outside the classroom. We welcome your ideas and expertise.

Some examples of volunteer needs:

  • Working in the library – reading to kids, preparing books for teacher resources, organizing and maintaining book collections
  • Mentoring a student for one hour per week
  • Going on field trips
  • Doing an art project with students or sharing a specific art or music skill
  • Providing one to one tutoring or enrichment activities to individuals or small groups
  • Helping out during special events and school-wide programs
  • Assisting teachers with special projects as needed


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