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About Us

The Friends of Blackstone School (FoBS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing vital support to Blackstone Elementary School, our neighborhood public school located in the South End of Boston. Our organization is comprised of South End residents deeply committed to the belief that strong schools play a fundamental role in building resilient and vibrant communities. We firmly believe that urban public schools like the Blackstone Elementary School deserve robust community support, and we recognize the immense value that active neighborly involvement brings to our mission. FoBS was incorporated during the summer of 2012 and secured IRS tax-exempt status by the end of the summer.  We have no paid staff and have benefited from the tremendous generosity of individuals and local organizations in getting started.

Our Mission:

Our overarching mission is to foster a thriving educational ecosystem at the Blackstone Elementary School – a culture of excellence, inclusivity, and opportunity for all students.

Our Goals & Initiatives:


  1. Community Engagement: We actively engage with the community to raise awareness about the challenges and successes of the Blackstone School. We participate in local community events and collaborate with neighborhood associations to ensure that the school's progress is widely recognized and appreciated.

  2. Fundraising: We aim to raise $30,000 annually through a variety of fundraising events, widespread appeals, and by engaging corporate sponsors. These funds are vital in supporting various programs and initiatives at the Blackstone School, ultimately enhancing the educational experience of its students.

  3. "Fund a Need" Program: We work closely with the dedicated teachers and administrators at the Blackstone School to identify and address specific needs. The “Fund a Need" program supports initiatives such as teacher professional development, technology upgrades, transportation, and field trips for special needs students, among other essential needs. 


In working towards these goals, The Friends of Blackstone School seeks to foster an environment where every student can thrive and where the school is an integral part of the community. We believe that by strengthening Blackstone Elementary School, we are also strengthening the broader South End community, and together, we can create a brighter future for all. Join us by volunteering your time or donating to our Fund a Need Program. We invite you to become a Friend of Blackstone School.

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