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June 18, 2020

 FoBS coordinated with St Stephen's Youth Program (SSYP) to distribute school supplies needed by students working at home during the Covid-19 health crisis. St Stephen's has a well establish network of support for Blackstone students and their families that has allowed FoBS to more effectively get supplies to those who need them. Our thanks to SSYP!


As part of their ongoing support for the Blackstone School, SSYP works directly with the school by organizing and funding the parent mentoring program, staffing and providing resources for the library, organizing and funding MLK Day of Service, and more.  This is in addition to the benefit that comes to students of the Blackstone from their B-READY Afterschool Program and the B-SAFE Summer Program.  


"On behalf of our families, St. Stephen's Youth Programs (SSYP) says "thank you" for our partnership with Friends of the Blackstone School . Last week, at SSYP's B-LOVE distribution day, 100 families received school and art supplies from FoBS. Students will use these materials to keep their creativity and imagination going, even in the face of the virus.  Together, we are helping learning to happen!  Let's hear it for student resilience and organizational partnerships! " 


--Liz Steinhauser, Sr. Director of Community Engagement, SSYP

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